Hate having your photograph taken?

Klarke knows just how stressful it can be. Klarke’s father and grandfather were both photographers so she spent much of her life being photographed – and hating it. Taking this experience of disliking being in front of the camera, Klarke has developed techniques and tips to help her clients relax and have fun, while ensuring they get the great photographs they need.

Klarke’s unique personality & photographic skills  means she is good at working in both a creative environment with lots going on such as a film set or gig, as well as on a 1 to 1 basis in her studio or client’s office.

Whether it’s photographing company directors for their annual report, musicians or actors performing on stage, Klarke aims to capture the images her clients need – both quickly and with a minimum of disruption. She is flexible, highly professional, great at planning and at producing creative photographic solutions.
Digital technology makes it easy for companies to create their own pictures. But doing-it-yourself might not be best for your business.

  • Adding high quality, professional images to your website catches browsers’ attention and brings more leads.
  • High quality images can be utilized by trade publications and other press – so help your business get more exposure.
  • Klarke uses only the best quality lenses and post production techniques. Poor quality or amateur looking photographs and portraits can actually be detrimental to your business image and sales.
  • The style of your photographs instantly show your customers what you are all about. Klarke will discuss the type of look you want in order to reinforce your brand or your business.

Hiring a professional gives your company the professional look it needs to project the right image and to increase sales.



“I had the pleasure of working with Klarke when she did a PR phtoto shoot of me. Her remit was to produce a set of photos I could then use for various public facing documents and materials. Klarke was good at getting me to relax so that she could take the shots etc. The outcome has been quite superb with excellent quality photos that I can now use for a variety of materials. I strongly recommend Klarke and I will be using her again.” Jeremy Peck MD Peck Consulting Ltd

“Having worked with lots of photographers, I can say that Klarke is by far the best. She not only comes up with creative photographic solutions, produces high quality images and consistently delivers on time, but her images always have that extra creative angle that her eye manages to see through the lens.” Emma Stacey, Creative Manager at Moyses Stevens

“From the outset, Klarke was a dream to work with on my project. Not only did she grasp my brief, but in addition brought plenty of fresh thinking to the table and the results were simply stunning. The success of my Social Media presence is built on the imagery created by Klarke Caplin & I would unreservedly recommend her high quality & innovative work to anyone seeking a professional who delivers” Grant Willcox 2Excel Coaching Ltd